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Our loyalty commerce ecosystem

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Easy Integration

We understand that integrating a new loyalty commerce solution can be a challenge. Despite the value that a new solution can bring to both you and your programme members, the technological side of the integration can often be a challenging and costly process.

That’s why we created a single point of access into our Loyalty Commerce Ecosystem and we have multiple global integrations that demonstrate the value that this approach brings.

The benefit to you?

  • Vastly reduced timescales
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Launching new solutions quicker to market
  • The ability to easily extend member touch-points


Your core inventory will always be the primary focus for your members to both earn and redeem. However, independent research shows that members also like to earn and redeem against non core inventory items.

Members love the chance to earn through everyday spend and the increased choice in how they redeem. Equally important is that there is also clear evidence to show that redemption on non core inventory helps to drive increased spend on your core business propositions.

We can connect you to over 6,000 rewards and 4,000 retailers right across the globe, helping to ensure that there is relevant content for every member in your programme.


Data helps us to improve the performance of our loyalty commerce solutions. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we can analyse programme, behavioural and contextual data, to help us create a more personalised and engaging programme for our clients, and their members.

This is an ongoing process, and the insights that we can garner help us to make your loyalty programme, work harder.

The benefit to you?

  • Bespoke strategic data studies such as burning drives earning
  • Regular reporting and insights
  • Strategic roadmap management to ensure your solutions stay ahead of the crowd
  • Monitoring and analysis of payments to minimise fraudulent payments

Our Solutions


Our earn solutions allow you to reward your members with loyalty currency on their everyday shopping, be it online, or in-store.

 Online Earn Malls

Offline In-Store Earning


Our redemption solutions enable your members to spend their loyalty currency on a broad range of rewards, be it online, or in-store.

Online Redemption Stores

Online Travel Redemption Stores

Offline In-Store Redemption


Our manage solutions allow you to give more control of your currency, to your members. Be it buying, moving or having more access to, we deliver these solutions with our strategic partner Points and already deliver over 50 programmes globally, including IHG and Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Buy, Gift and Transfer

Buy and Gift, delivered by our partner Points, lets your members buy points or miles for themselves that are deposited into their accounts, or as gifts deposited via email codes. Transfer enables a member within your programme to transfer currency out of his or her own account and into that of another member. We cover all operational costs and our quick implementation process gets you up and running with minimal effort from your IT team, helping you to generate significant revenue for your programme.

Key Features

  • Buy, Gift and Transfer generates more than $400 million per year
  • Currently provide retailing solution to 30+ of the world’s leading loyalty programmes
  • Revenue guarantee
  • Ongoing product development
  • Anti-fraud capabilities

Points Loyalty Wallet

The Points Loyalty Wallet, delivered by our partner Points, helps loyalty programmes serve up opportunities to earn and burn currency to more people, in more places, and through brand-new channels outside of their own.

The service enables loyalty programmes, merchants and other consumer service applications to embed balance tracking and loyalty commerce transactions into their product offerings, on a website or in an app. It enables frictionless exchanges between programmes with PCI compliance, facilitates broader currency distribution across partner programmes and platforms, and embeds loyalty into everyday transactions for customers. We link you to the currencies your customers know and love, so you can offer them rewards that matter. Using our deep industry experience, we’ll help you create offers that will influence their purchasing decisions.


Member Portal

A configurable, branded member loyalty portal that puts your customers in control. With an engaging interface accessible across all devices, your customers will have access to numerous features wherever they are, such as viewing their points balance, browsing and setting up wishlists. A portal that delivers great customer experience, drives increased engagement and value for your brand.

Collinson Latitude has been partnered with Points since 2013. In just four years, we've jointly partnered with some of the world's leading loyalty programmes, delivering best-in-class loyalty commerce solutions across Europe, Asia and the US.

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