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The grand wanderluster

Sunday, February 1, 2015 BACK TO INSIGHTS

Modern-day travellers are going faster and further than they ever have before. Thanks to new advances in digital technology, today’s traveller can control practically every aspect of their holidays' abroad. As a result, they expect more from travel brands and have higher demands for what they receive in return for their loyalty.

This is having a significant impact on the travel industry, as brands have to reconsider how they interact with consumers, and come up with new ways to capture their attention – otherwise they risk falling behind.

Therefore, it is of growing importance that loyalty programme managers have a strong understanding of the demands of the modern day traveller. In The Grand Wanderluster report, we draw insights from our global survey of over 4,000 travellers, taking into account the behaviour patterns of today’s traveller and how brands can build loyalty programmes that meet their quickly changing demands.

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