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How airlines can accelerate redemption in reward programmes

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 BACK TO INSIGHTS

Are you finding it hard to encourage members to redeem their first points with your programme? If so, you’re not alone, this is a problem experienced the world over with nearly a third of all points earned a year going unused. With estimates in 2005 by The Economist showing that 14 trillion frequent flyer points were in circulation around the globe, it is clear loyalty programmes are missing out.

Surveys show that the first redemption, which we call the Golden Moment, is crucial to creating engaged members who are profitable to your programme. Get your members to this Golden Moment and they will become five to seven times more profitable to your programme. However, that’s easier said than done. With members signed up to multiple loyalty programmes, it’s hard to cut through the noise to reach your members. So, how can you get those members to start redeeming then? Well, read our whitepaper to find out.

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