Virgin America Earn Mall case study | Collinson Latitude

Virgin America

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Since its launch in 2007, Virgin America’s Elevate loyalty programme has been an innovative player in the travel loyalty space – but Virgin America wanted to further increase engagement and drive increased revenue to its programme. To do this, they needed to improve their online offering and enhance their members’ experience with their Elevate currency.

As a premium travel brand, Virgin America wanted to ensure its customers received the same high-standard of service online as they would receive onboard one of its flights.


To keep the Elevate members better engaged, and to reward customers with currency on their everyday spend, in 2014, we implemented a Virgin America branded earn mall. This retained all of the same branding components as the main Virgin America site, ensuring that the high standards set by the brand elsewhere were maintained throughout the user’s journey. The curated retailer selection allowed Virgin America to only feature merchants that were relevant to their member base whilst being reflective of their overall brand image.

Our partnership with also enabled a simple SSO implementation, and the reporting and analytics functionality that sits behind the platform also gave Virgin America the ability to view and assess the impact the earn mall was having on member engagement.

We also obtained offers from leading retailers to feature in monthly communications from the store, maximising opportunities for engagement with Virgin America’s member base.

The Elevate Fly Store was built on leading e-commerce technology and is fully supported by our team of loyalty commerce experts and global retailer network. 


Working alongside Virgin America, we were able to deliver some impressive year-on-year results (2014 -2015):

  • 39% growth in flight activity among Fly Store shoppers
  • 203% year-on-year increase in retained revenue
  • 31% year-on-year growth in unique members
  • Average monthly engagement increase of 143%