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Singapore Airlines

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Based in Singapore but with a global reach, KrisFlyer was finding international member engagement a challenge. They wanted to be able to interact with members from all over the world more frequently – but more importantly, they wanted to be able to provide these international members using Singapore as a business-hub with rewards from local, relevant brands. A global inventory of rewards would also enable KrisFlyer to give their Singapore-based members access to brands and products they had experienced when travelling internationally.

Another key advantage of widening their rewards catalogue was the ability to provide their members with more opportunities to earn KrisFlyer miles and engage with the programme - even when they weren’t in the air.



KrisFlyer implemented our Earn Mall, and branded it KrisFlyer Spree. KrisFlyer Spree could give their members access to over 2,000 international merchants – exactly the kind of dynamic content they wanted - via one online shopping portal. Additionally, members were able to earn KF miles  on their everyday online shopping.

Supporting the KrisFlyer Spree team through the integration process and beyond, we were able to:

  • Establish a market-leading Earn Mall with an inventory containing nearly 70% international brands
  • Ensure a seamless online experience from the main Singapore Airlines site through to the online Earn Mall portal
  • Secure increased commissions from leading merchants for front-page exposure and campaigns
  • Develop campaign strategies to generate awareness and increase engagement, as well as developing creative materials to support communications to members across the world
  • Create monthly reports and analysis to monitor the growth of the programme and success of our initiatives to ensure ongoing relevance



We have been working alongside the KrisFlyer Spree team for over two years and since launch, KrisFlyer Spree has seen some compelling results:

  • Total sales transactions via. the Earn Mall have doubled year-on-year
  • The highest number of visitors to the store came from an international spread of countries, including: Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and USA – proving the store helped engage KrisFlyer’s global member spread