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Airline loyalty programmes have been around since the 1970’s, and over the last few decades, these programmes have become synonymous with the loyalty industry as a whole. Today, loyalty programmes look very different than they did before, as members seek a highly personalised experience with rewards and promotions targeted towards the individual – not the masses. We’ve been helping some of the world’s biggest and best airlines drive better member experiences for over a decade, making their loyalty programmes work harder – driving greater engagement and value for our clients and their members.

Industry Challenges

Gaining consumer loyalty in the airline industry has never been more challenging, with ever-increasing competition from online travel agencies and low-cost airlines, the financial impact of capped interchange fees, and the dramatic shifts in consumer behaviours and preferences brought on by digital technology. In short, it’s the members who now hold the power, so it’s up to the loyalty programme provider to create a compelling reason for members to engage.

How we can help

With over ten years’ experience and a loyalty commerce ecosystem that gives you a single point of access to an unrivalled collection of loyalty commerce solutions, we can help your airline loyalty programme work harder. We’ll help you to:

  • Encourage greater currency accrual through ‘every-day’ spend
  • Drive incremental revenue and reduce currency liability
  • Encourage ‘Burning drives earning’
  • Create converged earn and redemption, as well as online and in-store, loyalty solutions
  • Provide best-in-class e-commerce experiences
  • Connect your members to thousands of relevant rewards and retailers

Our latest thinking

For some of the latest thinking on airline loyalty, please read/view the following content: